Discover this strong word you never knew described your need to travel

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

FERNWEH. What is it?

A German word, it translates literally into fern meaning far, and weh meaning pain. It can be likened to WANDERLUST, but the true meaning is so much stronger.

For those out there that feel an ache to be in a far away place, or a call to be somewhere you've never been before, this word describes you.

Wanderlust is a trait that has been linked back to an actual gene found in our DNA - DRD4-7R - found in roughly 20% of the population. It's linked to our sense of curiosity and restlessness, which explains why a high number of those with this gene feel the strong sense of urgency to explore.

At Remotewerk, we are among that population. We understand the desire - nay, the need - to travel, to be able to earn a living while on the road, and to change your environment with the seasons.

We want to welcome you to your official one-stop hub for everything work-and-travel related. We're here to encourage, motivate, inspire, influence, and support your journey - through community, information, entertainment, tools and resources.

Hey, we're Remotewerk.

Remotewerk was built to nurture your desire to travel by providing you tools, resources, and a community of encouragement to help you provide for yourself through remote work.

So calling all hedonists, thrill-seekers, and travel addicts - our time is now. It's never been easier to earn a living from anywhere in the world you have an internet connection, so join our mission to build a global community of remote workers supporting each other by joining the Remotewerk Tribe group, signing up for our mailing list here, and follow us on your favourite social media channels.

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